Japan discovers Purpleryta…

…and Purpleryta discovers new aspects of a culture that loves and meets new friends!

I am always fascinating by the Japanese writing system, small signs that are work of art, small worlds that contains big means, complex images that are visualized by simple signs (compared to the things that they represent!).

Very close to my philosophy: simplify reality! Each time that I meet people from Japan I like to ask the meaning of their names in Kangji and it is always a surprise.

More surprising was discover that there are many ways and different meanings for my name!

A regular Thursday evening became a cultural exchange at Purpleryta’s place: wine painting experience / my name in Japanese (written with Barbera d’Alba). Rita has been translated as A Lor of Jasmine flowers and Able to choose with rationality.


A perfumed bouquet of flowers that brings me back to Sicily or an attitude that sometimes I should remember to use: in each case a nice world. Thank you   Akiè and Natsumi! 20161110_181233

Akiè is 明恵  where Aki  means quiet, clear, tomorrow and  恵 means gift. Natsumi is composed by 奈, a kind of fruit called “karin” and  Tsu 津 the harbor and Mi 美 for beauty.20161110_183104

I image you as colorful paintings!


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