The Pole

I was in the middle of Mediterranean sea between Vulcano and Stromboli islands in Summer 2014 when I heard for the first time about the Pole Dance. The young woman close to me, Chilean but of Italian origins, was in holiday with her boyfriend. During the excursion we tell each other our stories.

Ryta: “When I was 40 I changed my life! Before I was used to act in theatre, now I paint!”

Arianna: “When I was 40 I changed my life! Before I was used to paint, now I teach Pole dance!”

A big interrogative sign appeared on my face and she explained me the kind of dance. In that moment I decided that I would try the Pole Dance, one day. Two years later, preparing my exhibition in Dayton, Oh, I painted 3 messy hair Pole Dancers, without any reason!


In the same period I meet again my friend and ex tap dance teacher who tells me that now she is studying Pole Dance. Back from US I meet a girl who, like me one year before, spent few days in Serravalle Langhe during holidays break and I discover that she takes lessons of Pole dance too.

At this point the triptych is completed: I painted 3 Pole Dancers when I knew only one pole dancer and at the end I met the other 2. Another story of coincidences, of art that comes before reality and reality that imitates art. Last Tuesday I attended my first lesson of Pole Dance. Pure Fun.

Especially for Lisa, my teacher.

pole1 pole2

My Pole Dancers on Wine on paper, also the one that now is part of a private collection  in Ohio, are dedicated to them.


the true Pole Dances: Arianna Rosso, Marta Costamagna e Alessandra Bianco.

PS: yes, I used Photoshop on my pictures. I ad fat!

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