Purple Swing – when reality overtakes imagination

Everybody noted the swing on my balcony. Especially now that is purple.

A wish of a swing in my house (and the same swing) it’s with me since long time. I always waited for someone able to fix it on my ceiling. 3 houses after and 9 months living in the 3rd I realized that there was a place where I would be able to hang it up by myself.  Two minutes later I was already swinging. Sometimes we can fly with …nothing. We just need to wish it. We just need ourself.

Few days ago I have found a nice handcraft. Maybe the handcraft found me: a tree with a swing framed in wood. On the tree this sentence:

“The most beautiful things of life ..ruffle!”

I paint “messy hair women”, my favorite subjects for my wine on paper paintings. I think I lived another wonderful coincidence. A nice example of how reality can overtake imagination. 

I colored in purple also the small swing. And now a little Superman stands on it. Maybe the true Superman will take the place on the real swing.

In the main while I swing. Fly. Ruffle my hair.


. superswing

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