Follow your (he)art, go West

It could not be another way: the artist followed their paintings.

The Wine on Paper arrived in USA before me, few years ago thanks to wine lovers who have been captured by this kind of art in Barolo, and now I joined them in my first exhibition in a place totally dedicated to art, a gallery. Until now my exhibition have been in restaurants, wine shops, wineries, in place devoted to wine – I can add with my pleasure. Mike Elsass’s place inDayton, OH is a true art lab where piece of art are created  every day, that hosts various exhibitions and where you can breath creativity.


My Messy hair women felt at home in this space and they had the aspected success from the people that organized it.  Visitors have been measured in terms of wine consumption (because wine is always involved in my exhibitions) and the success in terms of sales. Both great!


Mike Elsass


Ben Ibebe

Three yaears ago when the first spot of wine dropped on paper I did not know where it could be take me. I do not know even now but I know that I am following an itinerary: I am following my (he)art, going West! (and the step to Denver, CO testify this).

Thanks to Tim e Sherryl Spencer who believe in my art and made all this possible sharing with me their precious richness: their friends.That now are also a little bit mine, together with new friends met there thanks to art and wine (because remember: wine unites!)


Tim and Sherryl Spencer


Janet Garlikov



Susan Vari George & Friends


Brandice and John Nairus


Coy Ramsey – Key was not there



Angie and Ryan Spencer



Andi and Bill Altaver


Doug Wood

Janet and Gene Ruffing

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