It was 2001 last time I heard this word, since the time of the romantic comedy starring John Cusack and I did not aspect to hear to describe, in such an incisive way, the swirling coincidences people, towns, places, wines, my paintings and I lived in Denver, CO after my exhibition in Ohio.

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A couple of years ago my wine on paper paintings are exhibit in a truffle shop in Alba city center and a guy buy one of them but the owner of the shop doesn’t ask him contacts so I never knew who was (and for me was really a pity as I like to keep in touch with all the buyers and lovers of my art!).

Last Spring an american young woman by another wine on paper in Alba, at La Caffetteria dell’Arco, where smart-Matteo, the coffee-man, takes her contacts and gives to me.

The truffle shop and the Caffetteria share the same court.

The young woman is from Denver, where I will be in August. I want to meet her and so we did. Its name is Carmen and works at wellknown Barolo Grill restaurant. Follow supermegaselfie and lots of enthusiastic words! In this infinite flow Carmen tells me that another guy from the restaurant, the sous chef Andrew, a couple of years ago bought one of my painting. No doubts: the signature is the same!


At this point I decide to visit the Barolo Grill. Brian, the owner, loves Langhe and every year organizes educational trip for the staff in the area. One of the stop is Barolo, of course. Considering all this passion for Piedmontese wines I let him taste “my wines” and  tell him all this incredible story. Brian,  summarize all in one word. Serendipity. I do the same in a hashtag: #ilvinounisce #wineunites


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