Collisioni 2014 – cork collection sold out!

Barolo assalted by the intellectual-rocker tribe of Collisioni. PurpleRyta  took advantage in exhibiting her creations…with a great success!

L'espositore prima dell'assalto: anelli, orecchini, collane e braccialetti handmade

The display before the assalt: handmade rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets..The Spring Summer 2014 Cork collection with cork elements has been plundered! Consistency with the context and originality of pieces attracted  the attention of the audience gathered for Depp Purple, Elisa, Caparezza and Neil Young

Collana con capsule di Champagne su cliente felice prima del concerto dei Deep Purple
Caps of Champagne Necklace on happy customer before the Deep Purple concert
Braccialetti Purpleryta - l'articolo più venduto
Bracelets Purpleryta –  the best-seller item
Orecchini Gaja su cliente orgogliosa prima del concerto di Elisa
Earrings Gaja on proud customer before Elisa concert


Pupleryta sempre più Icon con Angelò le Brontolò prima del concerto di Elisa
More Icon than ever, Purpleryta with Angelò le Brontolò during Elisa concert

I am now working at the new collection in my lab/studio/headquarter/den based at La Vite Turchese where you can find works of art and accessories all year long.

Work in progress by Purpleryta
Work in progress by Purpleryta

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