Barolo Terroir a Barolo

BAROLO TERROIR: una cover speciale per un libro speciale

Grazie a Michele Longo e Ian d’Agata la mia opera Goddess – la Dea del Barolo è diventata la splendida copertina di un libro molto speciale sul tema Barolo.

Così scrive Ian D’agata al momento del lancio:


Eight years in writing, 30 of research,  I’ve never loved and hated a book so much as this one. 500+ pages on one of the world’s great wines, there is no other book on any Italian wine quite like it, and hopefully it will have something for everyone. Here at the TerroirSense Wine Academy, the wine school where I teach, and at the TerroirSense Wine Review where I write, everyone is happy, and so is Michele, my good friend and co-author.
BIG thank-yous to all the Barolo producers who have put up with me for over 30 years: this book would not have been possible without your patience, kindness, passion, and generosity…”
E ancora:
“Can you judge a book by its cover? In this case yes, as my latest book, Barolo Terroir, Grapes Crus People Places, written with good friend Michele Longo is blessed with the cover artwork of Rita Barbero better known in art circles as Purpleryta… this talented young lady uses wine as a medium with which to paint, and I think the book is that much better because her amazing cover. Thanks so much Rita!”
Michele Longo e Ryta
Michele al Purpleplace per la consegna della copia autografata
Michele in persona è passato a trovarmi e mi ha consegnato una copia autografata con tanto di dedica! Momento bellissimo, coronato dalla mia faccia un po’ ebete 😉
Presentazione Purpleryta nel libro
Chi compra “Barolo Terroir – Grapes Crus People Places” compra un grande volume dedicato al Barolo e anche una mia opera!!!
Grazie ancora agli amici Michele e Ian!
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