wine painting di squadra

Wine painting with Twin Towns

Training to win is important. Play to win even more. In sport the competitive aspect is always very accurate, for the growth of the team from . But the girls (in this case, we are referring to a women’s basketball team)  are also undergoing personal growth, as well as physical. How can sport can help them?

La squadra delle Twin Towns
Le ragazze Twin Towns

Asking art for a hand. The world of schemes and discipline joins the world of escape from the schemes, where discipline also takes on another value. The experiment works! It aggregates, makes accomplices, brings together a team in a different way, enriches.

In a circle, everything is more beautiful, even playing as a team in what is not your sport. Which is not really a sport. Yesterday in a circle we made art! A choral #winepainting class with @twin.towns in splendid shape: all ready and concentrated to launch the stain, to pass the visions with a laugh, ready to mark the paper and create new patterns. Out of the box.

Le ragazze formano un cerchio
Wine painting in cerchio

Each artist on the team had their own small work team made up of wine, paper, the artist self and the wind. Which, as we know, ruffles !!!

To repeat. Also in other areas. Because in reality it was a #convision …