wine queen

Purpleryta exhibits at Promotrice in Turin

Five years ago an artist friend who was entering the Promoter told me “One day I’ll introduce you” and so it was.

I joined the Association and I had the opportunity to exhibit thanks to Stefano Richaud, better known as the Risciò, currently active in San Secondo di Pinerolo, hyper-realist for professional deformation (engineer) and artist at times by vocation, sometimes for challenge.

When choosing the work to be shown in Turin, I had no doubts: my Wine Queen, the Nefertiri born from a spot launched in Ohio when I exhibited in 2016 in Dayton.

Turin and Egypt have a strong bond, I could not resist!


Title: Wine Queen

Author: Ryta Barbero

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 4 – Barolo (CN)

Year: 2016

Technique: wine on paper, wind, brush and gold leaf

Dimensions: 35×50 cm – with 45×60 cm frame