wine painter

Online Exhibition

I had promised myself not to do exhibitions in this 2020 and now I find myself transgressing for the second time! My first virtual exhibition on is online. Here you can find on display and for sale some of my disheveled women gathered in “Disheveled women who taste of wine” thanks to the Marco Negro project. The Home page introduce the innovative project:

dedicated to wine lovers

Salottodivino.Club is a space created to share interest in Italian wine with other enthusiasts.

For each wine of our selection you will find informative material on the grape and the terroir, as well as details on small denominations.

You will discover how to consume good quality wines at home and with friends, coming directly from the producing wineries.

You will have access to a network of operators in the food and wine sector where you can benefit from special privileges reserved for members of the Club.

Good Luck my friend!