Paint With Wine Class with PurpleRyta

I really miss you, stepping in my Studio, chatting together about art and wine, smiling and flying on my swing.
The virtual way to stay in contact seems to be the only one that can make our distance shorter.
I hope to see you on 13th February in my online wine painting class to share together a little bit of love for art, wine and Langhe!
The host of the event is my friend  Roger Bissell. Wine, food and culture expert and passionate explorer, he is the creator of the show UnwinedLive and is now launching a new platform called EatDrinkExplore that expresses the philosophy of his professional approach to the world of wine, food and culture and his passion for life.
At this Facebook link you can subscribe for the Event
Thank you for all the support that you gave me during the last months on social media.
See you soon 💜 my dears!