In the Autumn, a green light for creativity with wine painting

In the Autumn, a green light for creativity with wine painting. The technique of painting with wine , developed by the Piedmontese artist Purpleryta, that starts with a spontaneous stain on paper and ultimately is elevated to figurative art. You learn in a workshop where sight, taste and smell are all elicited in their most sensory yet gustatory form from a glass of wine. Yet another experiential event from Afea Art & Rooms in Palermo for it’s guests, passionate about art and street at, from September 15 to November 30, 2021.

A glass of red wine, a few brushes and some imagination: very few tools are needed in wine painting to express oneself, an artistic technique that makes a spontaneous stain of wine on paper, a work that takes the abstract to the figurative. The wine is used in its most basic form, straight from the bottle, and the paper on which it is poured is natural, 100% cotton, acid free. A few minutes of waiting for the wine to dry allows for the stain to express itself and then the artist intervenes with the brush, interpreting and completing meaning, following the forms and creating new visions.

“Painting with wine activates lateral thinking; looking at wine from another point of view” explains Purpleryta, a Piedmontese artist who lives and works in the Langhe and who has made wine painting an expression of life. In close contact with the world of wine, every day she draws new inspiration from it in a relationship of mutual love and respect that allows for an active interchange and inner regeneration.

“Painting with wine, as I do, teaches patience” Purpleryta continues: “You have to wait for it to dry, the stain is stable and defined before deciding on how to complete the work. And you have to accept what wine does with paper. It’s not always up to you, but you always have the opportunity to play to the best of what wine offers you. It’s a continuous creative exercise.”

Her atelier and works are populated by tousled women, mermaids sipping Barolo, guardian angels, all in various states of wild abandon depending on how much energy the original stain expresses! All refer to the message ” Wine contains culture! Not only about place or enology or gastronomy but also artistry!”. Starting with the gesture of spilling the wine, absolutely inviting (provocative): it wants to stop to reflect how much potential is in this liquid nectar. And the artist invites participants in her creative workshops to sharpen their senses and take advantage of their surroundings. First with what they have on paper, and then of what they keep in their soul. Wine, therefore, as an expressive vehicle and as a sensory activator.

An exercise of introspection and creativity that is the basis of the workshop for Afea Art & Rooms, accommodation facility and artistic incubator in the heart of Palermo, always involved in creative initiatives and active collaborations between public and street artists.

The workshop includes an hourlong session with Purpleryta and overnight accommodations with breakfast at Afea Art & Rooms at the cost of 90,00 euro per night, double room (therefore for two people) + the tourist tax (1,50 euro per person). The workshop with Purpleryta is complimentary for stays of at least two nights. The program will be held from September 15 to November 30 in classes of minimum 8-maximum 12 participants.

Stay inside a work of Art, different in every environment, in every room, in every detail. This is the accommodation design of Afea Art & Rooms: 10 rooms decorated, frescoed, personalized by artists of the brush and the can that have made unique environments, details, atmospheres. All interactive, to be followed through QRCode during works in progress.

The result is a unique and original accommodation structure whose environments are characterized by strong and compelling personalities. Stories develop on walls, cabinets, pillows, furniture and random objects. Each artist has imprinted a style and story, made of images and experiences, both tactile and visual, culminating in a riot of colors, in an interactive accommodations experience through the Afea Art & Rooms app and QRCode outside each room.

Afea Art & Rooms was born at the end of 2018, when the owners Danilo Alongi and Carmen Russo (partners in business and in life) along with the collaboration of various entities such as the “District of Faenza”, an open forum where they brought together many artists and professionals in street art, giving life to this incredible project.

Among others, Riccardo Buonafede, founder of the Comacchio Manufactory Project, who paid tribute to the Sicilian capital through images inspired by the Roberto Benigni film, Johnny Stecchino”, linking the the ironic image of the banana to the cover of any Warhol’s Velvet Undergound. Giovanni Lo Verso drew from his past as a sculptor, ceramist and set designer to decorate the Li Pupi room. Many members of the Scuola del Comic di Palermo helped design the Popeye room, dedicated to arm wrestling and Olive Oyl. Solo’s superhero’s is focused on pop-art while Diamond’s room is elegant, provocative, stylistic and inspired by art nouveau. The sorcerer and The Mad Hatter are dreamlike characters that inspired artist Vincenzo Caradonna. The theme chosen for “Alice’s Room” is linked to dreams and fantasies and that of “Alice in Wonderland”, a story with universal appeal.

Other artists that have appeared at Afea Art & Rooms: : The people of Palermo, Igor Scalisi, Boink, Antonio Fester, Danilo Maniscalco, Francesco Collura, The potato eaters, Antonio Curcio, John LoVerso, Demetrio Di Grado, R. Hustler and G. Spadaro of the Grafimated Cartoon, Cartoon School Palermo in addition to Fabieke, Ligama, Make, Riccardo Buonafede (Manufactory Project), Shot, David Currao, Silvia Zacchello and Street Artist Only, Diamond, Chekos (167 /B Street) in addition to Angel Crazyone, the Giulia Noeyes, the brazilian artist Gui Zagonel, Massimo Sirelli The “artist of robots”, writer, painter, creative and teacher at the European Institute of Design.

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