A drop of Purpleryta goes to Mexico!

Sometimes it is enough to make a wish to let it come true.

“I want to go to Mexico!” and in a certain way already happened, thanks to the power of wine and art but especially of people. Who can listen, ask and give.

One year ago 3 young Mexican guys, arrived to Lirano hill for a wine tasting  and the first thing I said was “I want to go to Mexico!”.

Few months ago one of them, Cesar, wrote me that his brother would visit Italy and especially Barolo. He asked me to take care of him. Wow! Not “Suggest him restaurants, guide him, entertain him” but a wonderful (and deep of responsibility) “take care of him”.

In September Rafael came to Barolo: he speaks a perfect Italian and loves wine. 3 days, lunches and dinners, walking tours, wine tastings, exchange of knowledge about our countries that feeds our curiosity. So the wish to go to Mexico now is stronger and in the mean while a couple of “Keep calm and drink…” are already there, close to colors, aromas of Messico, tequila and catrinas (that I love with all the pre-hispanic Mexican cultur!

Purpleryta and the Catrina who drinks wine :-)
Purpleryta and the Catrina who drinks wine 🙂

Hasta siempre, amigo!

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