Wine contains culture, finally!

It has always contained culture but as long as I say it, it can be a beautiful slogan, which I can tell and explain with my works or art but if others start talking about it, an ever-present truth becomes more real.

Barolo is a great container of culture – in all its forms, of tradition, landscape, art, literature – and the title of the first “Italian City of Wine” for the year 2021 just assigned to the town bears witness to this.

What happened? The Città del Vino Association has set up the competition for the “Italian Wine City” in which the candidate cities were asked to present projects and programs for the cultural enhancement of the territory.

The municipality of Barolo with the Barolo Castle Foundation has drawn up the winning program, rich in themes of “memory” and “community”, the Hall of Fame, that is the entrance ceremony in the Wine Museum of the great personalities of Italian wine – of which I was the first artist to participate and my works are still exhibited at the Wi.Mu. Furthermore, international twinning between museums and wine territories; initiatives to approach the countryside and the city; the Autumn Convention of the Cities of Wine; but also contemporary art exhibitions in some Barolo cellars, in collaboration with Artissima, the leading Italian trade fair in the sector.

I can only share this news and congratulate Tiziano Gaia, who certainly put his share in this initiative which contributes to affirming that wine contains culture.

And wait for this 2021 with even more expectations;)