A triptych of artists: the special post cards that Janet Garlikov sent to me from Ohio have turned into magnetic pole able to catch more Arts and into an invitation to reflection. I am referring to the words that I inserted and to the frames bought more that one year ago at Federica’s Busto Mistero in Alba.

To read the Messages inspired by embroideries you need to pull up the mobile Side of the cards, so no glasses on the frames, no barriers to the fruition of the work of art and to the greetings for the 2017…

I wish it could be a year that brings awareness: only great conscience and integrity can make us and our force stronger. fucsiaconsapevolezza

I Wish it could be a year dedicated to the search for balance that gives us a better quality of life!violaequilibrio

I Wish it could be a year rich of Joy, because positivity brings more positivity.


Have a Wonderful New Year!

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