What happens if a student of High Art School would like to attend the private University of IED in Torino?

It happens that he has to pay a very high fee or he has to win 2 scholarships. What if he wins just one of them? The student thinks to give up. In my mind this is not possible because culture is the light in this word, art is the answer, young artists are the future.

The student is my intern from Art School in Alba. Andrea helped me for one year and a half. Thanks to him I have been able to keep open my studio while I was not at Purpleplace; I experimented new techniques such as papier maché and I designed and made my first Haute Couture piece, the Top with corks.

Last year he graduated at the Art School of Alba and just won a scholarship to attend IED, the University of Art and Design but the fee is still too high for him. At this point of the story I offered myself to buy a piece of art of him and to propose to my friends.

On one hand I think I have made an educational proposal because I believe that if you are an artist you have to think like an artist and keep yourself with your art, on the other hand I think I have made a social experiment because I sent Andrea’s presentation to my contacts and got good feedback. Just a reflection: the sensitivity to the subject was ONLY from foreigners. Thanks to my friends for the support from me and Andrea Superina. That I call Super! And who joined the IED;)

Some works of Andrea: