locandina Inaugurazione

Sacred and fragility

Saturday 4th June the exhibition will be inaugurated which will host the works produced by the artists involved in the VI edition of the “Rodello Arte” project. Among these artists there is also me with one of my works dedicated to memories, sacred and fragile at the same time.

The memory of a gesture, of a loved one, becomes sacred when it becomes impossible to repeat that gesture or find that person again. Precious, we keep it tight in our memory, we get lost in it and a smile comes to our face. But the memory is also a Fragile element that tends to fade in tone and intensity, sometimes reappears less frequently and risks that time and experiences modify it. Here we encounter the memory of that last swing ride, under the watchful gaze of the mother, who becomes increasingly pale until it almost disappears.

TITLE: Memories of a swing MATERIAL AND TECHNIQUE: Wine on paper (Dolcetto and Barolo) DIMENSIONS in cm: 90x104cm


The venue will be the “Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art” in Rodello, open for the occasion from 11 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18. The opening of the exhibition will continue until Sunday 16 October 2022 (for details on the days and timetables consult the website https://www.visitmudi.it). The Rodello Arte project, curated by the Diocesan Museum Foundation with the Colline e Culture association, the Santi Lorenzo e Teobaldo Foundation and the Municipality of Rodello, now in its sixth edition, intends to reflect concretely and dialogically on the concept of sacred art, on its production and on the relationship between artists and clients.

The initiative, born in 2017, has so far gathered around it sixty artists from different parts of Italy and Europe, belonging to different artistic disciplines. In the first editions the works produced represented the relationship between the sacred and the earth and between the sacred and the journey. The inspiring themes of the third two-year period are the Sacred and Fragility. Each year, the project selects, through a call, artists who are hosted for two days in the Langhe to live an experience of residency with training sessions conducted by specialists. The 2022 project took place with an online workshop in March and a two-day residential workshop in April which, through testimonies, experiences and workshops, promoted discussion on the inspiring themes of the call.

In collaboration with the Association of Volunteers for Art, the museum operators of the Diocesan Museum of Alba and with the Municipal Administration of Rodello, it will be possible to visit the temporary exhibition “The sacred and fragility”. The paintings, sculptures and installations were created by the artists: Alice Gallouin, Chantal Garolini, Ciro Amos Ferrero, Fortuna De Nardo, Lorenzo Peluffo, Francesco Zavattaro, Liang Yue, Giancarlo Mariani, Rita Barbero, Serena Rossi and Viola Barovero. The 2022 project is carried out with the support of the Municipality of Rodello, the Santi Lorenzo and Teobaldo Foundation and the CRC Foundation. For information: rodelloarte@gmail.com.