Messy hair grandparents kidnap Spiderman and try to comb him

It happens in Cherasco. A couple of grandparents visits the art exhibit of Purpleryta and watch around among the work of art “wine on paper”. They congratulate with the artist for the painting entitled “La Briccolina” made with their Barolo Briccolina and representing the Langhe hills.

La Briccolina - Barolo on paper

La Briccolina – Barolo on paperAt a certain point they notice the “messy hair super heroes” series. Spiderman enters in action and win a trip home to their messy hair little boy nephew. For the not so messy air little girl a necklace from the  “corky collection” with cork elements.

Spiderman spettinato!
Spiderman spettinato!

Thanks Paola and Sergio

Sergio e Paola

PS: keep calm, nobody has been combed in this story!

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