Homage to my PT and my TV series

Welcome to my Temporary Online Exhibition.

The day I bought my PT Cruiser I dreamt to make a photo shooting whit “her”. The day before selling “her” I did it, thanks to the “Cacciatrici del Reale” who took the shots.

With PT and the streets of Barolo an unexpected model appears, barefaced, eccentric and self ironic, putting down the brush for a  while and posing for the camera like a true model (with a different distribuito of the Weight).

Few days ago I read an article celebrati the 43rd Kate Moss’  Birthday with 43 shots. Here came out the idea to show the secret pictures: one more, 44 because this year I Will be 44 and because the pictures will stay online 44 days, till the opening of “Tu sei lei” on 4th March in Alba. The trait-d’union is again “Cacciatrici del Reale” that will exhibit 365 women with my “Messy hair women” and the “Selvatica” by Levi.

The shots are inspired by movies and TVseries of the 80’s. So…while you will guess which ones I will paint for next real exhibitions of my female “wine on paper” in March and male “wine on paper” in April in Cherasco, for the annual date with Enoteca Palazzo Mentone. I new year of art will be ready soon, with more Pop Art quotes.

Enjoy the show, don’t lough too much. Fat and Cellulite added with Photoshop. Photographers Cinzia Grande and Giorgia Necade and the entire population of Barolo survived the 2 hours of delirious photoshooting with Purpleryta.

Contains natural humour. Gluten Free.


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