Faccioni Sfacciati


From 25 March to 1st May Rita Barbero, alias Purpleryta, exhibits for the first time the exhibition “Faccioni Sfacciati e Spettinate con Sirena” at the Enoteca Sartine in Via Vittorio Emanuele. The wine on paper, the works painted with wine, thus return to Cherasco.

“The Faccioni are portraits of imaginary and well-groomed women, to act as a counterpoint to the now well-known Messy, dreamy women, a bit of hill women and a bit women with a glass – says the artist. “I called them Faccioni because they are in the foreground and brazenly fill the support: they are the women who put their faces on it and take their responsibilities ”.

A Siren also appears among the works used for the installation: bewitching and light, she is a creature that represents other characteristics of the female nature.

Each work is unique and unrepeatable: everything starts from the stain that becomes the unkempt hair. Hence the artist’s creativity and interpretation complete the work which takes on dreamlike forms with sometimes alien features, such as the Sirens or the Dragons. In this exhibition the evolution of the disheveled woman to the well-combed woman, from the dreaming woman to the ethereal woman to the hill woman is underlined.

Through the use of different techniques and papers Purpleryta discovers and reveals surprising visual effects of the pigment that from raisins to wine thus placing the first element observed during the sensory analysis during the tasting phase at the center of attention: the color.

The exhibition will be held in a place dedicated to wine, the Enoteca Sartine, in perfect harmony with the artist’s philosophy and with the mottos that PurpleRyta uses on social networks: #ilvinounisce and #ilvinocontaincultura. The artist will be present at the exhibition on April 1st for a moment of dialogue with visitors… it’s not an April Fool’s! You are invited to participate at 5 pm to learn about the new forms it has given to wine!

PurpleRyta lives and works in the Langhe where her innate passion for art has allowed her to continue communicating wine, which she has been dealing with for over 20 years, in another way, more creative than usual.

Headquarters: Sartine, Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 114 Cherasco

25 March – 1st May 2023

Free admission – warning: the Aperitif will tempt you

Meeting with the Artist Saturday 1 April at 17.00