A cork is for ever

My wearable artistic creations are eco-sustainable because they are made up of recycled elements: nothing is thrown away from the bottle, corks, caps, labels. Everything can have a second life. This ring from the cork collection takes me back to 2013, when I changed my life and Purpleryta was born.

The actress gave way to the painter who was hidden in me, but I continued to be who I am. Artist. Always.

In 2015 I moved to Barolo, in my Purpleplace.

The rings in the cork collection are commemorative: created exclusively with used caps, when you find the vintage that speaks to you you have to take it! In a few years, when the 2020 vintage corks will come out, I will keep it in memory of this strange, different year, with so many events to remember …

What vintage is your favorite?